About Us

Hansol Geonetworks Limited is a privately-held oil and gas training, research and consultancy company with focus on three key subsurface petroleum Rs – Resources, Reservoirs and Reserves.
We are a specialist in provision of independent hydrocarbon reserves evaluation, audit and certification services to oil and gas industry.

As Petroleum Reserves are intricately linked to the available subsurface resources, we also provide a unique blend of complementary technical and business consulting service that yields better hydrocarbon resource identification, definition and optimum extraction. From regional and basinal analysis to drillable prospect analysis, from 3D geological models to petroleum economic models, from field development planning to field restoration & abandonment planning, from strategic investment decision analysis to tactical operational management, Hansol Geonetworks is there to provide comprehensive consulting services, as long as it relates to oil, gas and condensate reserves.

For every project you entrust to us, our clear aim is to offer excellent professional services and products that exceed your expectations. What's more, we offer all our outstanding service at costs well below what our competitors charge.

We have a dynamic, high quality workforce with considerable industry experience. All our Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists, Petroleum Engineers, Reservoir Engineers and Petroleum Economists are university graduates with minimum of Masters degrees, and many belong to relevant industry bodies that provide additional qualifications and certifications. In addition, we take pride in forming technical alliance and partnership with organizations and individuals who are recognized subject-matter experts.

| Our Vision |
"To be the most preferred reserves evaluation and certification company in Africa for African oil & gas assets"

| Our Mission |
"To provide excellent complementary training, research and consulting services, ranging from petroleum resource identification and characterization to reserves management and depletion planning, for the Government regulators, financial institutions, investors and upstream oil and gas companies"

| Our Core Values |
"A firm commitment to excellent service, high ethical conduct, uncompromising integrity, unwavering professionalism, and creative and capital efficient solutions in the execution and delivery of all our projects"

If you are interested in any of our service offerings, or require additional information, please visit either our Lagos (Nigeria) or Houston (USA) office or contact us via email or telephone. We will be glad to be of service to you


Range of Services

  • - Reserves Assessment and Evaluation
  • - Reserves Audit and Certification
  • - Competent Person's Report
  • - Regional, Basinal, Play & Prospect Analyses
  • - Geological and Reservoir Simulation modeling
  • - Petroleum Economic Evaluation
    - Field Development & Abandonment Planning
  • - Oil and Gas Project Management